Not a love story, just an infatuation



“He’s the rhythm to my lyrics and the fire to my spirit”

That’s what my mind keeps saying all the time. It’s like everything around me is halted.

When you’re attracted to someone charismatic, you tend to do silly things around them. The self-reliant trait of your personality just shrinks a bit and you find yourself in a coherent situation acting like a novice. Not only this your brain functions antithetical and you feel half paralyzed. Suddenly the words tremble from your mouth and you feel anxious.

The moment you first met them gets stuck in your mind and keeps rewinding in dilatory motion. The world seems to be contrasting as an alluring illusion.

“When he looks at me my mind losses sanity”

You become counscious when they’re around. You start noticing things that are pertained to both of you, the little talks, the same interest, the random joke…

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