Saving vs Investing

People usually save money for their emergency or yearly vacation or to meet daily expenses.

Some of you save for your future, some start bank fix deposit to earn some extra money on your investment as its the safest way to do.

But, in reality when you save your money in savings account or start an bank fd you’re not earning much you’re making the bank rich. As bank is giving around 6/7% intrest on your savings and FD. In india, but using that money to give loan to other people, start more branches pay off employee. They give home loans on 9% or 11% business loan on 14/16%.

Aside from that, if you just save your money and let it just stay there in your account for long time it’s loosing its value,

For example

If you save 5,000 Rs per month for 10yr, now When prices rise for…

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