Every time I Open my Eyes

Celluloid Trances

Hold down the dawn,
I’m going back,
I’ve lost my escape,
I’ve forgotten to end my odds,
I’m unfinished. 
Hold back the sunrise,
I haven’t realized the elevated senses,
I’ve scattered things idle,
I’ve loved loose;
Found myself a million miles away, 
Touching fingers against pink mist,
Hovering above the horizon,
Wearing nothing but sunlight,
Which disappears as I drift further.
And all I know, all I learnt
Is what I remember; 
The last look, the weary world, and the blinding noise. 
And I couldn’t say too much because no one could hear. I am unfinished.

But off I go,
I bow my head before the starry sky,
Before midnight,
Before the dusky dawn.
And disappear into the howling infinity, in floundering views and wild blue…

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