Celluloid Trances

This is an interruption from regular programming. I feel a powerful need to show my affection and respect for one of my favorite books ever- Catch 22. So, bear with me thru a coarse course of unadjusted and broken academia infused by drunken poetics.

There’s no linear plot, there is only a timeline. Set in
World-War 2 and not built against its weakening and tapering downward the end,
the story follows a wild bunch of crazy soldiers who dissociate into a
multi-character narrative, but are bound in tight continuity. The protagonist can
be Yossarian. A funky-women crazed-friendly-disco minded- and tired bombardier
who lives his life under the expansive shadow of innumerable eccentric
characters, and every connection he sparks with any is just a pleasure to read.

Catch-22 worked so well under so many moods and it captured
so many feelings. It’s always funny but with undertones of politics, and death,

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