Imperfect World

Celluloid Trances

“I’ll follow you with my fascinated mind into this trip to darkness, and I promise to make sure you glimmer like a night in Budapest, as I collide with the dramas of harvesting my melancholy and searching for happiness. Are you ready?
Before we go, remember to warm your heart, and balloon past the mountainous landscape of this world, to map each voyage as you set sail to lands above. There’s nothing I can say and there’s not more you can do. In a bell-jar you will glisten, pandemonium will break loose upon the minds I leave behind, but I will deliver everything you gifted to me onward the grounds I touch, the islands I discover, the truths I unravel, and the threads I stitch with time into a sweater to fit the blustery weather. Now, there’s sun and an ocean, we can spend days in canyons, and have waterfront…

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