Girlz Talk |Once a Player Always a Player?!? Really? Girl Let´s Talk|written in English & Dutch Music Vibe Jayh -Volmaakt-

Miss B Blogz Thingz Over...

¨I wonder if such a person really is a player or is the girl in this case ignoring these warning signs while the person has already made it clear that they are not ready yet…¨

-Miss B.-

Once a player always a player?!?

To what extent this saying is true I don’t know … but what I do know is that we cannot change someone unless he or she wants to change … It is often women in particular who think they can change a men or a men think that they can change a woman . Let´s be honest nine of ten times it does not work because the person just does not want to or is just not yet in the growth phase to see it for themselves. They are sometimes called players. But are they?

¨It can be different with you only if he decides it himself…¨

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