The Doctor Is Way Out!

Now The Mysterious Blabberer?

In my opinion:

The best doctor is the mind!

The best medicine is lifestyle!

And lifestyle is the first recommended treatment for high blood pressure. But how many doctors treat it that way?

So people go to their doctor being treated for high blood pressure with meds: as many as three or more. And the treatment just goes on until the patient eventually dies of a stroke or heart attack.

Case in point:

Once was taking three medications for high blood pressure but now down to one at half dosage. And my readings have never been better!


High blood pressure is a condition not an illness or disease. The first recommended treatment is lifestyle for sure! And here are 10 lifestyle changes you can make to lower your blood pressure and keep it down.

1 Lose extra pounds/watch your waistline …

2 Exercise regularly. …

3 Eat a healthy…

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