My 24 Hours in Paris

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Spending less than a day in Paris, what was there to do?

I arrived in Paris that night just to get ready for my next leg of my 2016 Mediterranean cruise trip….. Not my ideal as I always dreamt of visiting France as a child, but for a longer amount of time….

That night, it was raining and dark. But in the darkness, the Eiffel Tower glowed. I also noticed that there were protesters on the streets, so I asked the policemen if it was everything was okay.

He replied, “Oui, oui! Ok!”

A Parisian Morning

There wasn’t a lot of time to wander around before I had to leave Paris. I still remember how I was so impressed at the architecture of Notre Dame.

I felt very sad when the fire happened a while back…. thankfully, no one was hurt that year.

After shopping at Galeries LaFayette for my…

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