Modern “Odysseys”

Lignes invisibiles

Like another modern Odyssey, in which masses of human bodies are constantly moving in all possible directions, the adventure of Odysseus seems more present than ever.

The chronicle of the Odyssey is one of those stories that repeat over and over again, perhaps more often than any other story. The story of Odyssey is one of those wonderful linguistic metaphors that fit almost automatically and at the same time so unexpectedly into every conversation, activating parallel associations and chain thoughts. Ulysses’ long journey can be interpreted in many ways; in fact, it will be often interpreted as an adventure, as suffering, risk or a heroic event. These interpretations reflect many of today’s situations. The story of Odyssey could also be a modern metaphor for the constant movement – especially of the young – towards other, different worlds.

The idea of ​​this movement, or simply immigration, isn’t, of course, unprecedented. On…

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