Right here, waiting


The rustling sound of leaves

And the soothing breeze

Reminds me of something new

To write about you

What could I possibly write

Even a thought of you makes me wayward

Little rays of sunshine falling on the pavement

Reminds me of your arrival

I know one day you’ll be here

And my heart will skip a beat

The day you’ll be back

I’ll be right herewaiting for you,

Waiting for you

I’ll dilute my thoughts in the ink of subtle expression

And pen down my words as metaphors

I’ll write about you

Throughout the seasons

Till the day you’ll come back

Only then,

I’ll be writing about us

But for now, I won’t let my thoughts wander

Till then,

I’ll be waiting for you

Right here, waiting for you

– Shubhangi Rawat

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