Ever wonder if ?


We’re deprivating our thoughts and beliefs into something despair.

Stop. Listen and think for a minute.

What are we ? who are we ?

We all are shallow beings, following the same cycle, the same system. We’ve never gazed beyond the horizons of our abilities and discovered something productive from it. We do what we’re told and because of that we haven’t established any aptitude.

This is serious.

Some of us don’t have a vision due to which we’re lethargic. We’re compelled by the mixed voices in our head which makes us perplexed and results in failure.

Why we’re like that?

We’re shaped into a functional machine that reciprocate other fellow beings and so this process goes on and on until the time comes when we’re restrainted by the choices of the people around us. We’ve made rigid walls of stubbornness in our mind that says “I can’t do…

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