Amy’s New Video Singing Amazing Grace

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My Friends I Created This Special Video Of Me Singing “AMAZING GRACE” Because I Know We Are All Going Through A Very Difficult Time Worldwide With This Corona Virus Epidemic & We Need God’s Comfort, Reassurance, Healing & Peace More Then Ever Before.. We All Need To Come Together In God’s Love & Pray, Pray, Pray For One Another Daily 💗✝️🙏

Jesus Is With Us All During This Very Stressful Time & He Will Help Us & His Grace Will Cover All Of Us….His Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear & He Is The God Of All Comfort, Protection, Healing & Unconditional Love 💗✝️🙏 I Am Praying For You All So Much My Special Friends & I Pray That My Performance Of “Amazing Grace” Touches Your Heart & Uplifts You During This Very Hard Time 💗✝️🙏🎶

Keep Reading Psalm 91 In The Bible!!!!! 💗✝️🙏

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2 thoughts on “Amy’s New Video Singing Amazing Grace

  1. WorldTraveller70 you are the BEST!!!!!!! Thank you from my heart for reblogging my Dad’s post sharing my “Amazing Grace” video!!! I am so touched!!! It is so wonderful to meet you! God Bless You So Much!!! 🙂

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