Dim Haven

Celluloid Trances

A reckless mind in a restless body, he seeked answers. In the beginning it was about the end, In the end, it became about his start. He dove heart first into the sea, His knees grew in neap tides, and he rose an illuminating height. Gazing at the blazing vapors of water, Orange, And unapologetic. It seemed a vehicle. To disappear, Into the wild, wild blue. And he gently turned and pushed back the hands of the sea, Aching to embrace him, And he divided waves with his fingertips, Parting currents, To reach the shore. Then he heard the quiet whispers of the fluttering waters, And he listened closely, Connecting the words into a glistening circuit, That sparked and powered a fluctuating sequence of his answers. There was a story; a mystery under the flaps of each time, And he would slowly exhale the dust fastened to it, As he…

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