A Broken Song

Beans, Pen & Nirja

I admit I really tried to recall my own image of past,

but it was difficult to my mind

I failed every time, with enough struggle, however there is dull remembrance of myself

sometimes, just learned the harder way

There is enough hurt, absolutely broken,

I’m one of those beautifully broken song,

either cherish me as a memory or just let me blown away as a handful of sand

When I see myself, its like my life can neither be fixed nor be scattered

wounds, injured souls, its life

nothing can break the bond of pain, the traces are still the same

Each morning when I wake up

I realize, a part of me in yesterday is already dead

I donot know, how to describe, I dnt have the particular word,

may be the right word will find me someday, but, I hope, it will not be too late


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