Netflix Series Review: Warrior Nun

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Religious conspiracies and secret societies have always intrigued me. The combination of historical facts with century-old myths and legends just fascinated me.


An orphaned quadriplegic nineteen year old, who was sent to the local church’s crypt due to her sudden death, woke up. Surprised that she could walk, she soon discovered that she had supernatural powers. This was all because she was accidentally given the Halo. With the Halo, Ava had become the Warrior Nun.


1) loyalty: The nuns were constantly being torn between blind loyalty towards their own beliefs and what they were made to believe. On the contrary, Ava grew up alone since her car accident. She only had one friend, which was a sick little boy living in the same room as her. Loyalty to this one friendship was all she ever knew.

As she laid on the bed daily, she was able to…

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