Appreciate the magic around you!

There was that magical carpet which used to transport its master anywhere and then here is the colorful shawl which makes me armchair travel to the dreamland. A land of peace, hopes, gratitude, positivity, happiness, kindness, love and affection.❤❤

While on our road trip from Bikaner to Jodhpur, on the way, we found this small, non-recognized but attractive sand dune. Not always a preference to visit the most popular places. Many of such secluded destinations, unknown and unexplored gives you the feel which no other well-known places can do. Without a second thought, we climbed up the soft brown dune and spent a good hour or so to indulge in the beauty of the sand dune and the setting sun. Rarely some villagers crossed by and thought we were crazy to be just sitting casually on a dune! 😂😂

Nanchi on sand dune in Bikaner
Nanchi on sand dune in Bikaner

Make time to appreciate the small things in…

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