Avoid Micromanaging When Leading a Remote Team


Handling a remote team can be challenging, especially if you have workers who come from various time zones, languages and cultures. Not only tasks must be done on time, they have to be done correctly as well. However, if you keep pressing your workers for updates, you may end up doing micromanagement.

Micromanagement can be stressful for everyone because it may create a poor working environment for everyone and cause your workers to resent working with your strict work ethic. They may try to avoid talking or confiding in you because they don’t want you to be “breathing down” their necks and hear you nag all the time.

To prevent this from happening, here are some tips you can apply to prevent micromanaging while handling your remote team:

Always have your door ready for communication

One reason why micromanaging happens is because of the communication gap between you and your…

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