Some incredible tips to beat time, and start doing anything that you love – Part 1

Wore her sweater

It’s still lockdown mode in many parts of the world, and most people are stuck at home, pretty much doing nothing. But for me, even if there’s no COVID-19 taking over the world, I’m still going to be staying at home almost all the time. The problem is that for a long time I’ve been wondering, how the hell 24 hours has never been enough to get me through the day? It seemed like I always need 30 hours or even more to do just about everything.

Whether it’s work or study, people always want to get their stuff done … to do this as well as to do that, trying this and also learning that. We all want to enjoy our lives, right? Well, it took me literally a few years to figure out a few steps and keys to get efficient with my time.

Henlo frens 👋🏽 welcome…

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