Some incredible tips to beat time, and start doing anything that you love – Part 2

Wore her sweater

Welcome back to my personal blog!

In this one, I’m going to write the second part of my tips and tricks to beat time. So in case you haven’t read the first part which I posted last week, you may read that one initial part, and then come back to this blog post to read the second one; or you can also read this one first, and then read the first part after. Either way, I don’t know which one has the highest position in importance, so I really encourage you to read both of them.

Hi 👋🏽 we meet again!

But anyway, if you don’t care enough to read the first part of this, then don’t worry, I’ll just summarize what I’ve written there for you (because I’m all that amazing and kind-hearted person who doesn’t seek for views 😛 pfft LOL). There were five ideas.

  1. Time and distractions

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