Whisper: Office Jealousy Split The Company into Two


*As told to Kally from someone who wishes to be anonymous

I love my work and I love my company. Most of all, I love my colleagues. We are the only distributor for some of the highest end kitchen appliances in the country. The relationship between the employees are wonderful. It’s like working in a big extended family, only that the family is around 100 people. Everyone know everybody. We know each other by first names, know every colleague’s working style and pet peeves. Our company often set up movie nights or BBQ Sundays or Happy Hour strengthening our bonding.

Until we hired Stephen.

We have quite a number of single ladies in the company. Most of our male colleagues are happily married and those who are not are already called for.

Stephen is like a dreamboat in our company. He is young, handsome, well built and extremely charming. He…

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