Filming cats on my way

Tel-Aviv's feral cats

I took the video of these cats on my way to the clinic. Not having a car and having never learned to drive, both of which I regret, I either take the bus or walk. I walk a lot, because I love nature, seeing trees, bushes, flowers, blue sky, and feral cats. Plus the opportunity to pet other people’s dogs.

Some nice person must’ve left the cats’ food outside, so the orange cat could enjoy a good meal. There are so many feral cats here, that you get to see not one but several every time you leave your house. This is what I love about living here; blue sky and plenty of sunshine throughout the year and feral cats everywhere.

Of course, there are also downsides, like dogs running around unsupervised, some of which are aggressive and may attack without provocation, terrible heat during the endless summer, and winged…

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