Silk Road: Heavenly Lake of Tianshan (天池)

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Tianchi(Chinese:天池;pinyin:Tiānchí) is an alpinelakeinXinjiang, Northwest China. The name (天池) literally meansHeavenly Lakeand can refer to several lakes in mainland China and Taiwan. This Tianchi lies on the north side of theBogda Shan(“Mountain of God”,Bogdais a Mongolian word meaning “God”) range of theTian Shan(“Mountain of Heaven”), about 30 kilometres (19mi) south ofFukangand 45 kilometres (28mi) east (straight-line distance) ofÜrümqi. It is an alpine drift lake shaped in theQuaternary Glacierperiod.—Wikipedia

As tourist, you could board the big boat and take a ridearound the lake. Mind you, the temperature was quite cold!

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