Chocolate, orange and fantasy

Sui Generis

My dark chocolate Panna cotta with Fleur de sel, a warm citrus caramel(syrup), orange segments, chocolate soil and mint.

Food is joy,food is sorrow, food is entertainment; but for me? Well I would say food is emotions on a plate. It’s funny how our emotions manage to seep in and make that guilty indulgence turn to a story of satisfaction and complacency. And maybe here’s when food plays the part of landing us in oblivion and much needed fantasy with every bite we take.

This food story might as well be the strongest of mine because it has been backed up by an impeccable sense of satisfaction and a food pairing that never fails to impress. Apart from how beautifully two ingredients can fit in, this instance has taught me that nothing turns out better than a dish backed up by a strong urge of achievement.

Like any other anecdote…

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