The New Westminster 1862 Gold Coin Story

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One day, during my visit the New Westminster, British Columbia, I discovered a beautiful mosaic on the sidewalk. So, I took a photo.

Why was it there?

British Columbia Gold Pieces

British Columbia’s $10 and $20 gold pieces are among Canada’s most celebrated coins. Made in 1862 from gold mined during the famed BC gold rushes, they were the product of a government program that aroused intercolonial rivalries and pitted the media against the governor. Although never released for circulation, these two pieces were part of the first official initiative to mint coins in Canada—almost half a century before the opening of the Royal Canadian Mint in 1908.— Bank of Canada Museum

Just about to cross the road and I looked down…

Image Courtesy of Bank Of Canada Museum

Image Courtesy of Bank Of Canada Museum

Image Courtesy of Bank of Canada Museum

New Westminster And The Coins

Governor Douglas…

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