Epitome of Boredom


I’m standing at the magnitude of this core that seems to be an enigma to my common understanding. Here my mind is projecting repetitive errors and my past is reflecting a monotonous picture.

Whereas, at the nether of this stage I’ve acquired an irrational value of my perceptive side and as a seeker, simultaneously analysed it.

What is this boredom?

Now this is something rare-

It’s shredding the symmetrical edges of your mind, making you lose your composure. Like whatever you do, It won’t last and you’ll come back to the start eventually.

It’s an impediment: making you crave for something divergent. You’re deceived into thinking that it’s a semantic chain of events, to rewire and connect yourself to those old hobbies or habits again.

But there is either a path guiding you towards the right coordinates or an exaggeration of hysterical situations that were never a part of reality.

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