Art, Summer, French, and Quarantine!

Sui Generis

Close your eyes. Turn your face to the first of the morning rays and feel the sun perforate your bones. Feel the wind cascade over your skin, almost like silk brushing past. Breathe in the scent of the green, tender grass. You see, it’s spring, and lockdown is not all that bad. Take this as an opportunity to rejuvenate, to renovate, and to innovate. After all, there always is time to improve and continue that journey which you must have halted on account of work or “oh! Where do I find time?”

And well, for me, this lockdown did begin as a desolate, end of the line time period, but here I am, waiting to get all of my creative juices out.

Resorting to art as my saving grace, I have pretty much undertaken a resolution of conveying art throughout this lockdown. Yes, I have drawn, I have painted, and…

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