Phase III (Self-actualization)


Among the infinite lives surrounding us, only few have ambidextrous mindset of attaining both the negative and the positive excerpts on life.

In many ways, being frivolous is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism. We prefer favoritism to those who are either popular or aggressive. We are drawn towards their radiant pretence. Simultaneously, we become their followers. And before we come to our senses, we’re already impelled into a melancholic state.

In the past, I have made no secret of my disdain for sycophants. They are blinded by higher self esteem and prejudice; a superior urge of thrashing their opinions and proving them as better individuals than the ones who are selflessly kind and considerate. This fact still lingers back on my spine because they’re the pillars of this…

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