Chewing gum.


Today I was going to market, it was full with people wearing their masks. Most of the people in the market were wearing masks. I saw a boy , wearing earphones. He was chewing, chewing gum. He was chewing it continually . He boarded in the bus with me still i was looking at her. When i was looking at him , there was the only picture in my mind, that was of my cow 🤗🤗 it chews its grass all day like that boy. I was continually thinking who discovered this type of candy . There was a wave of thoughts in my mind …....

In my school time I enjoyed a lot these chewing gum advertisment. 🤗🤗

In the bus full with people, he was eating that chewing gum , how awkward was he looking🤗. He was showing, how modern he is. But his manners were totally…

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