Northern Lights In Yukon : Part 1

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Travelling By Air North

This was only a 2 hour plane ride up north, but it came with complimentary nonalcoholic drinks, a sandwich(vegetarian option available), snacks and a warm oatmeal chocolate cookie!

Erik Nielsen Whitehouse International Airport

Sculptures Outside The Public Safety Building

The People’s Horse

“There’s a pair of 1930s-era RCMP spurs, passed down through two generations of a Mountie family. There are wheels, axe-heads, a tackle box, a muffin tin, and a cast iron stove lid from the airport in Snag that survived the coldest day on record.

There’s even a pair of scissors Whitehorse mayor Bev Buckway once wielded in her previous occupation as a barber.

These and about 200 other donated metal artifacts are now part of an imposing piece of public art that graces the landscape in front of the Public Safety Building at the top of Two Mile Hill.

The two-ton sculpture of a…

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