Hold on

Sui Generis

When it hurts,
And all is lost,
When eyes go damp,
And dreams are tossed.

When all you see,
Is bleeding snow,
There is this thing,
You ought to know.

That life is cruel,
This world is small,
And fate goes laughing,
At us all.

Only those that,
Hold on will stay,
For what is meant,
Will find its way.

So take a step,
And fall and stand,
For what is life,
But passing sand?

Close your eyes,
And take a leap,
You’ll either float,
Or face the deep.

For life throws lemons,
When you expect them least,
Under the skin of a beauty,
Lie the bones of a beast

© Shanyu Bihani 2020

Life is not always fair. Not always what you want it to be. All that one should remember is that it might be stormy now, but it cannot rain forever. That, is how you keep going.

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