0 The Fool – Toth

Catch the Moment

Dionysus is repeatedly bitten by this tiger, but his gaze remains directed forward.

The Fool or The Jester is one of the 78 cards in a tarot deck. In tarot card reading, it is one of the 22 Major Arcana, sometimes numbered as 0 or XXII.

The Fool is represented by the god of Spring, Dionysus. The green color reminds us of the powerful creative force of Spring. The crocodile (the ancient Egyptian god of creativity) is also the bearer of the greatest creative powers.

0 The Fool

Key Words: openness, trust; ready to take a risk; courage to stand your ground; freedom, independence; creativity; great potential; possibility to take a quantum leap; listening to the heart’s voice.

The long umbilical cord, connection to cosmic oneness, wraps the Fool in four spirals. The possibility of rebirth is given on all four planes of human existence: spiritual, intellectual, emotional and…

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