Shepherd’s Prayer|نماز چوپان

A Voice from Iran

“169th story”

A young man was traveling with his father. His father passed away in the middle of their trip. As they were walking town to town, the young man had to bury his father at that place.

The young man wanted to do prayers for his father and started looking for someone to do that.

The young man saw a Shepherd and asked: “Who prays for dead’s in your village?”

The Shepherd replied: “No one special, I can pray for him.”

The young man asked kindly: “Then can you pray for my father’s soul, please?”

The Shepherd got closer to the dead body and mumbled for a few sentences, and said: “Okay, your father’s prayer is done.”

The young man said: “Is that it?!!!”

The Shepherd said: “I don’t know any better.”

The young man buried his father perforce and left.

That same night the young man had a…

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