Making Pancakes with Acorn Flour

Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dyami Millarson

My father and I picked acorns in Leeuwarden this autumn just like last year when we picked acorns for the very first time, turned them into acorn flour for the first time as well and made acorn cookies using the acorn flour that we had produced ourselves. It was a delightful experience last year, there is really nothing more satisfying than producing your own food. So we picked acorns this year as well to turn them into acorn flour. However, unlike last year, we decided to use our acorn flour this year for making pancakes. We observed many Dutch people were making pancakes this year that has been defined by various responses to the pandemic.

We mixed the acorn flour with normal flour just like we did in 2019 for making cookies. We experimented with the proportions and found the right approximate proportions after a few…

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