Vendor Feature: Lash Lift From Brows By Robin

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Imagine not using that eyelash curler for at least a month! That’s the convenience of a lash lift. Normally, my lashes would point downwards. So, even though they were long, I still needed to curl them each day. Lash lifts reminded me of a perm for the hair, but for lashes. The lift I received was the Keraplex Lift.

Who Is Brows By Robin?

I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 18 years, and specializing exclusively in brows for 10 years and lash lifts for the last 5 years! I learnt my techniques from some of the best brow masters overseas before coming back to BC and realizing there was a desperate need for brow rehab. That’s how Brows by Robin got started.

My lash lifts are also very popular and after trying lots of different products, I now have 3 different lines of lash lift. So, there is…

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