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Image Courtesy of KPA

Even though I am adult, I still am able to pick up some tips about photography from this youth-oriented photography course called “30
PHOTO CHALLENGES FOR KIDS”. This course was created by Janet Pliszka. Besides the tips and tricks of the trade, there was a community board where young people could share their creations and stayed connected. A great idea for many homeschoolers out there!

Image Courtesy of KPA

Who Is Janet Pliszka?

Calgary, Alberta

I’m a mom, storyteller, and professional photographer for over 15 years.

I’ve always loved watching kids get curious about my camera, and so I’ve enjoyed teaching photography through camps and in schools for a number of years. Now, I’m thrilled to be offering highly accessible and ongoing online experiences for kids everywhere.

I believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than real life. And that photography helps us express ourselves in a…

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