🏮 Chinese New Year Celebration, Spring Festival, Flying Eagle, Galloping Horses and Annual Surplus 鷹飛馬騰, 年年有餘 🐎

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Flying Eagle Galloping Horses 鷹飛馬騰

Flying Eagle Galloping Horses 鷹飛馬騰

Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year 中國農曆新年

SoundEagleSoundEaglewishing you a prosperous Chinese New Year of the 🐎Horse 馬 and a Happy New Year 2014 with Annual Surplus 年年有餘

Hello! SoundEagle is back in action here after a fairly long hiatus. The Year 2013 is farewelled by SoundEagle with a special post entitled Cosmos in Perspective: Scaling the Universe with Interactive Infographics, Film, Animation and Slideshow. In contrast, the Year 2014 is welcomed with a festive, eclectic post laden with multimedia and multitudinousness, including games, video and music as well as numerous season greetings and best wishes conveyed to you in Chinese.May you have hours of fun and enjoyment!

Chinese New Year of 2014 begins on the 31st of January and ends on the 14th of February, the Valentine’s Day. This double celebration represents a culmination of the Eastern Culture (emphasizing Relationship…

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