Switch Quote No.60 with Grassiella & Miss B. (written in english & dutch) Mah music Vibe ¨Real Friends¨- Camila Cabello-

Miss B Blogz Thingz Over...



Yes it´s monday and that mean it´s Time for our Switch Quote, this time with my awesome guestblogger & blogfriend Grassiella! Well we hope that you had a awesome weekend! Have a wonderful week and make the best of it!

 Let´s get started!

Wonderful quote. As human, we are never satisfied. Something can always be better or different. I think you should especially appreciate what you have. As soon as you do that, you will develop an entirely different view of a real relationship. Although on the other hand I have to admit that the above points must have some consistency. Because somewhere I can also imagine that if there is too little or too much of it, that you are just as ready at a given moment. At least that’s what I would be. And yet … I feel like I contradict myself a bit. Because on the one…

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