Blissful Sunday: Rocky IV and The Final Countdown

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Looking up “The Final Countdown” on YouTube I noticed something interesting. There are a lot of silly humans out there in the world. (Like I didn’t know that already!) I say this now though because I see multiple video versions of this song that are quite curious. There’s a Spongebob Squarepants version and a Star Wars version along with a small slew of others.

The Rocky version is my favorite, though… the Rocky IVversion that is. This just happens to be my favorite Rocky movie of all time and it’s of course the one where Rocky travels to the Soviet Union and meets up with the gigantic Ivan Drago.

Even though I love the movie, we all know that it’s complete bullshit… if the story turned out to be real life, Drago would have pulverized Rocky! Are you kidding? Sylvester Stallone coulda been an armrest for Dolph Lundgren. That…

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