Parrot and Bag of Sugar

A Voice from Iran

178th story

Many years ago, a merchant brought a parrot to his country from India.

The parrot and merchant became best friends. After that, the merchant believed the parrots are the most loyal creatures in the world.

The parrot was always with the merchant. He sometimes carried the parrot on his shoulder or hand. The parrot loved sugar cubes more than anything in his small world.

The parrot loved the merchant because he was kind and always gave her sugar cubes.

“It’s time to go to sleep. But both of us shouldn’t sleep, because I heard people say there is a thief in the town. Please, stay awake and watch the valuable things; if anyone wanted to take it away, scream and wake me up.” Said the merchant to the parrot.

The merchant went to sleep. After a short time, a man jumped down from the wall into the merchant’s…

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