She’s just a girl and she’s on…

Adorify Me

I’m not a pyromaniac. I don’t impulsively start fires.

I’m not an arsonist. I don’t have sadistic tendencies like that.

I do love fire though. To truly love fire one must obey it’s rules, first and foremost. Respective fear is essential.

wood stove for the love of fire

It might have started with the wood stove in our house when I was growing up… watching my father strike a match and set it to crumpled up newspaper.

He never used a lighter.

I think he liked the act of striking the match too much to give it up. The fire would lick up the paper and latch itself onto to a chunk or two of wood. Soon after, a musky burning scent would permeate through the house.

On cold mornings, the wood stove was warm and soothing. I never wanted to leave the house to go to school. School was always a cold place… even when…

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