‘Soroosh’ in Persian Magazine

A Voice from Iran


Soroosh was ten years old, a tiny boy who looked like a 7-year-old. He was very lean; you could easily count his ribs; He was short for his age, timid, and quiet. He characteristically captured moments by looking, listening, and thinking. Talking was not his passion.

He slept on the damp and dusty floor covered with broken tiles, on some ripped cardboards.

Waiting at the port forever and staying homeless wasn’t going to bring his father back.

     His mother said: “My dear Soroosh, you are the man of our family, and unfortunately, you have to start early in life. Your father didn’t plan life for you like this, but it looks like destiny did. 

Laleh Chini is a mother of two children, Amir and Abnoos, and wife to Hassan Mosleh. Laleh was born in Iran, Shiraz, in 1968. She moved to the USA in 1986. She got…

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