How Boredom and Laziness Help With Learning Languages

Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dyami Millarson

Being open to the experience of boredom and laziness is good for learning languages. Laziness increases efficiency, for one would not waste one’s limited energy, whilst boredom increases relevance, for one would not waste one’s limited attention span. Humans gain energy from consuming food and drink (grammatical note: it should be “drinks” in normal modern usage, but I am wont to speak and write archaic English where “drink” may be an uncountable noun). This is a very precious source of energy. As we consume, our body ages. In other words, the aging process progresses with each time we consume food and water. This means we have a limited amount of energy we can obtain during our lifetime, and thus our energy – as well as our time – is precious. Much people do, however, not realise how important efficiency is. When one works hard, one ought…

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