Letter to hormones in a weird and wonderful way

Weird and Wonderful


Note to self:

Dear hormones,

I don’t hate you – I feel you just make me seem crazed with alternate personalities. Could you kindly not make me out to be a super witch, or, a nymphomaniac?

I feel no one really wants to be around a person who is so flippant; this eratic nature has me up at all hours. People think I am the most insensitive person at a particular time – I just want to hide.

Being in tune with the opposite sex – it’s proven to be the wrong time for both….. just so you know…. Animals are so into me as though I am on heat; attracting dogs at a specific time of the month is just so awfully uncooth: both jumped on and humped by male dogs at the wrong time – is not only embarrassing – really, you just shouldn’t be so off putting…

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