What is Clubhouse? Why Everyone is Raving About It?


In recent months, a new social networking site is catching the attention of online users known as “Clubhouse.” Many celebrities are making the exclusive audio-only app famous and it offers a different take on how people can socialise.

What exactly is it and why is it becoming the next big thing?

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse, as mentioned above, is an exclusive social networking app that allows people to connect to others through audio alone. Released online in March 2020, the same time COVID-19 struck the entire world.

To describe Clubhouse, imagine it to be like TedTalk but with a participating audience that can ask questions on a podcast that you can choose to participate in or remain in the shadows.

Who are the Founders of Clubhouse?

A private company known as Alpha Exploration Company by Rohan Seth and Paul Davison created the app. After two months of the app’s opening…

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