Right-Hand Man|وزیردست راست

A Voice from Iran

“185th story”

Once upon a time,

The king of a territory heard that two of his three ministers are careless, lazy and cheaters. The king wanted to find out which one, to keep for the king’s right-hand man and fire the other two.

The king called all his three ministers and gave them three big empty bags.

The king said: “Tomorrow you will go to my gardens and fill up your bags with excellent fresh fruits for me, without getting any help from others.”

The next day, three ministers went to the garden separately.

The first minister filled up the bag with best and fresh fruits from the garden.

The second minister thought to himself, the king would never eat fruits from this bag and picked fruits carelessly, some raw, some the wasted ones from the ground; and filled the sack.

The third minister filled up his bag with weeds…

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