“What Should I Do With My Life?”

For many people, “What should I do with my life?” is the most perplexing question they face. This is especially so in America where the culture demands certainty, purpose and ambition from its membership.

The fundamental problem is that the place most of us go to supply the answer to this monumental question is the egoic, conditioned self. And the ego has no clue what your true path is.

The mind is a computer

Why? Because the ego is like a computer. It stores all the experiences of our lives, especially those from our formative years, just as computers store data. Then one of our “buttons” gets pushed later in life and out pops a stored data point.

Here’s an obvious example. Your parents were both doctors so they nudged you toward studying the sciences. And when you did well in elementary, middle and then high school in your science…

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