What could young people do?

Weird and Wonderful

A reflection piece about self preservation in certain countries.

I think about the world’s gangs and how they are unable to think about sustainably because they are young people. I think about the pro’s and cons in both Nationalism and Self Preservation.

Investigating, the environment which is being created by theClimate change Paris agreement and the impact of sustainably of lockdowns on the population now.

The complications to economic and social transformations, addressing the risks and the impacts it has on normal average people.

The Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Straight to the point here, where this is a voluntary thing. Whereby, you as a country can draw out if you will. As you see that there is no way you can manage.

However, what this agreement does for the common man; erodes the responsibility of making a conscientious decision for yourselves.

In certain countries, you need to think like…

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