12 Snaps, Manifestïng The “Two Decades”.

The Baked BLOGGER!!

You’re in school memorizing the definition of “affection” and the whole class goes in synchrony–
“by the people, for the people, of the philosopher”. The teacher gives a candy & you’re happy. You ate it.
The only difference is that friend besides you isn’t getting any.

Perished greenery


As time passes you sensate that the teacher who threw the lecture over the topic “population”, comes
from a family of 70 people. How poetic!! OH, pathetic.
The one who uttered “secular” most loudly is participating in religious riots.

The company who offered themselves to be sold at 1million USD now sits at more than 1 trillion $ market cap.
The guy who worked at McDonald’s is now the richest in the world. But, Lonely (Divorced).
A person who changed the concept of windows and is worth 140Billion$ is lonely too.

Dark timeline


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