Think Before You Ask|قبل از اینکه بپرسید فکر کنید

A Voice from Iran

“191st story”

-Thomas saw James, after a while, in a park. They talked and tried to catch up.

James asked: “Where do you work and how much do you make?”

Thomas replied and said his job and salary.

James said: “That is very low! How do you live with that?”

After a little talking, they said their goodbyes, but that question ruined Thomas’ life.

Now he didn’t feel happy about his job. After a few weeks that he wasn’t productive enough at work, the company fired him and he lost his job. Before seeing James, Thomas was doing fine, had a job, and that salary was enough and manageable for him.

-A young lady gave birth to her child and the couple were thrilled and happy.

A friend came to visit her and asked: “What did your husband give you as a gift?”

The new mother said: “Nothing, just a…

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