A Blighty Tale: How do you eat yours? A Mockery of Mindfulness!

Weird and Wonderful

This is a reflection piece on the several ways to eat mindfully, to reduce the following:




Think S.T.A.G.E.R.A.D if you want to help anyone.

Researchers from Oxford University believe they have settled the debate, and claim that you should pick up the biscuits with the chocolate side up, but flip them over before eating them

Blighty, meaning the United Kingdom are becoming the most easily manipulated; spoon fed; contrived; unaware —media driven — robot individuals. I say these out of the deepest regret because I was born in Shrewsbury. I love you but I cannot stand the regression and I blame today’s media —as I reflect on habits of yesteryear are being ignored today. In a nutshell, I would rather us talk about how brilliant we were and how regressive we have become. I want to improve the way we see and do things.

I felt like someone had gouged my eyes out with a rusty spoon — reading the article mocking mindfulness —Of which, I had the misfortune of reading! (It is…

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